Case Study - Sparking ideas for LLMS at the University of Leeds

University of Leeds trained their students and staff to utilise AI.

University of Leeds
AI Workshop

Client Spotlight: SPARK at The University of Leeds

Our Client: SPARK

SPARK is a business start-up service based at the University of Leeds’ Career Centre. It provides resources and mentorship to the university's students and alumni launching business start-ups. The dedicated team at SPARK ensures you receive relevant, topical information and ongoing support throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re creating a business or looking to grow it, SPARK can help.

Since its launch, the SPARK team has been using HELIX to support enterprise initiatives on campus. Acting as the university's learning innovation hub for students, staff, and the local community, HELIX offers cutting-edge digital provision. This includes the latest immersive technologies, multimedia production studios, and an enterprise ideation and prototyping environment.

Located in the heart of the university campus, HELIX enables staff and students to come together to collaborate on creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial projects based on their own initiatives and ideas.

Alongside these facilities, the SPARK team also runs a series of workshops designed to give participants an insight into the realities of running a business. These sessions provide practical advice and tips for dealing with the challenges and opportunities that come with embarking on a new commercial venture.

Our Challenge: Demystifying Large Language Models for the SPARK Community

Our goal was to help demystify Large Language Models (LLMs) for the SPARK community and help the service continue to deliver market-leading support.

Our Solution: Interactive Workshop on Large Language Models

Seeai hosted an interactive workshop dedicated to the exploration of Large Language Models (LLMs) at the University of Leeds, held in the HELIX building. This session was a deep dive into the transformative potential of LLMs across various sectors and how start-ups can use LLMs to boost their productivity.

Workshop Highlights

Understanding Large Language Models
We explored LLMs in detail, explaining how they learn from vast datasets to produce human-like text. Our focus was on how they leverage patterns in data to generate relevant responses. This section aimed to build a fundamental understanding for all attendees, regardless of their technical background.

Prompting Techniques
One of the highlights of the workshop was exploring various prompting techniques. Effective interaction with LLMs requires more than just adding input. It’s important to understand how to guide the model towards generating the desired output. During the workshop, we covered best practices, creative prompt engineering strategies, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Real-world Applications
We shared a variety of inspiring case studies that showcased the versatility and impact of LLMs. Each example demonstrated how Seeai clients are already integrating Large Language Models into their operations, from automating organizational processes to generating dynamic personalized content.

Hands-on Workshop
The second part of our session was a hands-on guided workshop that allowed attendees to apply the concepts learned in a practical setting.

The Results

Our interactive workshop was met with much enthusiasm, and we thoroughly enjoyed delivering each element. SPARK was able to offer its community access to real-world experience and expertise, inspiring them to explore the potential for LLMs as entrepreneurs. The session allowed for the consolidation of knowledge through direct experience, enhancing attendees' prompt crafting abilities and enabling them to harness the full potential of LLMs.

What we did

  • Understanding AI & ChatGPT
  • Prompting Techniques
  • Working Out Where to Use AI in Your Business
  • Hands-on Session

'It answered a lot of questions I had surrounding AI, and left me with more exciting questions to explore. …they run amazing sessions on developing AI - I know, I sat in on one HELIX@Leeds'

Richard Turnstall
University Academic Lead of Enterprise (Enterprise at Leeds)

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