Will Robots take our jobs?

by Saile Villegas, Co-Founder / CEO

Celebrating the Amazing Women in Our Lives

At Seeai, we wanted to take a moment to express our deep appreciation for the amazing women who touch our lives in so many ways, whether it's the strong women in our families or the inspiring friends and colleagues we're fortunate to have in the vibrant tech industry.

We had the privilege of being part of a captivating panel discussion at Platform, organised by Bruntwood SciTech in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University and #wecan.

This event was an enriching experience. We dove into some fascinating conversations about the future of AI, asking that age-old question: "Will robots be taking over our jobs?" As a team deeply immersed in this field, it was truly enlightening to explore different viewpoints, experiences, and insights, all while keeping diversity, inclusion, and ethics at the forefront of our minds.

A big thank you to the amazing panelists: Dr. Sumona Mukhuty, Mitali Mookerjee, Rebecca O'Higgins EMBA, Stefania Amankwah-Tia, and Sherin Mathew, for their invaluable contributions. And of course, a shoutout to Katherine Megson and the entire team at Bruntwood SciTech for putting together such an incredible event!

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the organizers, attendees, and not forgetting the delicious treats from Manjits Kitchen and the thoughtful goody bags filled with goodies from female-led businesses like The Biskery, Nix & Kix Ltd, Cosy Cottage Soap Limited, and KI-AH-NA.

To all the phenomenal women within our network and beyond, we want you to know that we celebrate you not just today, but every single day. Whether you're breaking boundaries in tech, making waves in the arts, pushing the boundaries of science, or excelling in any other field, your contributions are shaping a world that's more inclusive and fair for everyone.

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