Tech predictions 2024

by Saile Villegas, Co-Founder / CEO

Tech Predictions 2024: Insights from Addleshaw Goddard and GP Bullhound Event

We had the opportunity to attend the Tech Predictions 2024 discussion by Addleshaw Goddard and GP Bullhound in Leeds. During the event, GP Bullhound introduced their tech predictions for 2024 report and talked about some of the predictions published in their report. Here's my take on a couple of their predictions:

Prediction 2: Bits to Billions: Legacy Data Spurs Acquisition Boom

Companies have most of their organizational data (90%) in an unstructured format. With Generative AI, it is now possible to unlock value from this data. This is a very exciting prediction as we have already helped some of our clients integrate AI solutions in their organizations to improve day-to-day operational efficiency.

Prediction 8: AI is Reshaping Media with Personalized Content and Acquisitions

AI's resilience and its transformative impact on media, evidenced by $23 billion in funding within the US, is highly impressive! We are preparing for a future where AI will help define competitive edges, and businesses will need to rethink their offerings to harness the power of AI to remain competitive.

During the event, our director, Saile Villegas, also had the opportunity to talk about our company and some of the innovative applications of Generative AI we have developed for our clients, as well as our vision for the future of this technology in 2024 and beyond.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and to hear these exciting predictions. We look forward to seeing how these unfold and shape the rest of our year!

You can access the report here

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