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by Saile Villegas, Co-Founder / CEO

AI 101 in Manufacturing: Key Takeaways

Did you miss our latest AI 101 in Manufacturing event? No problem! In this article, we’ve summarised the top takeaways from the session to keep you up to speed.

Hosted in Bruntwood SciTech’s Platform space in Leeds, our event focused on practical uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of manufacturing. From generating new business to reducing downtime, we explored a range of opportunities available, all presented by a panel of expert speakers.

  • Michelle Veasey, CEO of My Growth Engine
  • Stephen Fieldhouse, Director of FIFY
  • Saile Villegas and Reo Ogusu, founders of Seeai

Where can businesses start with AI?

The AI solutions you decide to utilize in your business should depend on your individual requirements. For manufacturing businesses, generative AI is a great subset to explore when beginning your journey.

While the previous generation of AI focused on recognition and classification, generative AI can create new images, video, and text based on its extensive knowledge base. Within generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) can be an especially fruitful genre to focus on.

What is a Large Language Model (LLM)?

LLMs (such as ChatGPT) can generate text, usually in the form of conversations or content. Accessible to the public, they can provide gift ideas, create poetry, or even plan holidays. In businesses, they can enhance a variety of tasks, from marketing to machine management.

What do I need to know about LLMs?


  • LLMs provide quick and convenient access to an extensive knowledge base.
  • They are versatile problem solvers, capable of interpreting intentions and handling spelling mistakes.


  • Mainstream LLMs are limited by their training data and might not have up-to-date or specific organizational information.
  • They struggle with complex mathematical problems and might provide incorrect answers confidently.

Top tip

To overcome the limitations, augment LLM capabilities by providing additional company-specific information or instructing them to perform new tasks. This customization can protect confidential information and tailor the LLM's outputs to your needs.

How can generative AI drive sales growth for manufacturing businesses?

Application exploration: Train an LLM to understand a product and generate ideas for new applications or markets.

Addressing the skills gap: LLMs can centralize expert knowledge within your business, making it accessible and easy to extract insights from.

Automating data processes: AI agents can automate tasks like product research, gathering shipping information, and enriching customer records.

Top Tips for Implementing Generative AI

  • Recognize AI's role in increasing productivity and automating routine tasks.
  • Invest in generative AI to get the most value.
  • Explore AI today to prepare for future advancements.

Using AI to Power Sales and New Business

Michelle Veasey, CEO at My Growth Engine, shared her experience in securing sales through AI:

Speed to Lead:

  • Leads are more likely to convert if responded to within the first five minutes. AI tools can extend communication windows and reduce lead times.

Turning Cold into Gold:

  • AI can update and enrich old sales databases, making them more useful for generating leads and personalized outreach.

Social Selling:

  • AI improves the process by creating personalized content, maintaining quality, and researching audience preferences.

Top Tips for Integrating AI in Sales

  • Ensure AI technology complies with GDPR and ICO regulations.
  • Work with experts to tailor AI technology for the best results.

How AI Supports Business Growth

Stephen Fieldhouse, Director of FIFY, highlighted three ways AI enables business evolution:

Access to Funding:

  • Embracing technology can open opportunities for additional funding from investors, government, and corporate grants.

Improved Market Understanding:

  • AI helps collate data to better understand audiences, markets, and external factors, preparing businesses for future growth.

Refining Operations:

  • Streamlining processes and data-driven decisions through AI support overall business efficiency and growth.


The AI 101 in Manufacturing event provided valuable insights into practical AI applications for businesses. We thank our fantastic speakers and attendees for making it such an informative session. For more information on Seeai, future events, or driving sales growth through AI, please get in touch.

Event Sponsor

A huge thank you to our sponsor Bruntwood SciTech. As the leading developer of city-wide innovation ecosystems, Bruntwood SciTech offers premium office and lab space, scientific services, and business support, particularly for science and technology sectors. For more information or a tour, contact Katherine Megson at katherine.megson@bruntwood.co.uk.

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