The Seeai Guide to Leeds Digital Festival

by Saile Villegas, Co-founder / CEO

Leeds Digital Festival 2024

Leeds Digital Festival 2024 will return to the city this April, offering a range of workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities.

As a Leeds-based tech business, Seeai has been a proud supporter of Leeds Digital Festival for many years. In fact, you may have heard our very own Saile Villegas speaking at last year’s event. Here, she shares her insight on Leeds Digital Festival April 2024 and provides some top tips for making the most of it.

What is Leeds Digital Festival?

Leeds Digital Festival was created to be ‘an open platform that celebrates digital culture in all its forms’. First established in 2016, the annual festival continues to grow and includes a wealth of carefully curated events including workshops, seminars, panel discussions, meetups, and networking opportunities.

There are many reasons to attend Leeds Digital Festival:

  • Explore the latest in digital technology and innovation.
  • Be inspired by the future digital landscape.
  • Meet like-minded individuals.
  • Hear from industry experts.
  • Showcase your business or expertise.

When is Leeds Digital Festival 2024?

Leeds Digital Festival 2024 is delivered across two seasons. The first installment (or mini-fest) is held from 23rd to 25th April and boasts a ‘small but mighty’ program of events. The second sitting takes place from 16th to 27th September with an even stronger schedule to enjoy.

Who is Leeds Digital Festival for?

With a wealth of events covering a variety of digital forms, Leeds Digital Festival is for everyone. It’s very inclusive and diverse. As a start-up or entrepreneur, you’ll find inspiration, opportunities to network, collaborate, and increase your visibility. For more established companies and experts, the event is a great platform from which to showcase your services.

What Makes Leeds Digital Festival Unique to You? Why Should People Attend?

Personally, I think the community-driven approach is what makes Leeds Digital Festival so unique. There’s a genuine spirit of collaboration in all the events, and it’s very inclusive. The diversity of the schedule means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their specialism or skillset.

I also really like the atmosphere at Leeds Digital Festival as it perfectly reflects the vibrant tech scene Leeds has to offer. From the speakers you go to see to the attendees you meet by chance, you’ll meet a range of inspiring individuals.

What Events Are You Excited to See at Leeds Digital Festival 2024?

This is a tough one to call as the schedule looks packed with promise for 2024. I’d love to attend every event if I could!

I’m definitely looking forward to the ‘Technology Trends: Propelling Your Business into the Future with Emerging Tech’. It’s always exciting to learn new ways of unlocking business growth through technology. The ‘GreenTech Gathering’ is also on my shortlist as I’m personally inspired by people who are developing technologies to improve our environment and build a better future.

Which Events at Leeds Digital Festival 2024 Can I Attend to Hear About Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Given its role in the future of technology, I’m sure Artificial Intelligence will be popping up in lots of discussions with a focus on AI solutions, AI integration, and automation services. However, I have seen that April’s ‘Technology Trends: Propelling Your Business into the Future with Emerging Tech’ event has specifically listed AI as a talking point.

Hopefully, there will be more AI-focused events during Leeds Digital Festival’s September lineup. In the meantime, if anyone wants to explore the topic in more detail, they can of course get in touch with the team here at Seeai. As a software development service using AI to transform businesses, we could talk all day on the subject!

What Makes Leeds the Perfect Place to Host This Digital Festival?

Leeds has a fantastic, vibrant tech scene that sits at the heart of the city’s identity. There are lots of exciting start-ups and scaleups in the region, as well as major brands like Sky. Thanks to the many tech incubators and innovation hubs available here, it attracts a rich talent pool too.

The tech community itself is very connected. Tech businesses, academic institutions, and the public sector work closely together to create an environment of knowledge sharing, mentorship, and innovation. This connection is something that’s celebrated throughout the festival.

Tips for Making the Most of Leeds Digital Festival 2024

Sure, here are my top three tips:

  1. Make the Most of the Hashtag: Following #LDF2024 on platforms like LinkedIn and X will ensure you get the latest updates, and it can help with networking too. At the end of each day, setting aside some time to connect with people engaging with content about the event will help you expand your online tech community.

  2. Plan Ahead: It sounds obvious, but running through the schedule and plotting out the times and locations of any events you’d like to prioritize in advance will ensure you make the most of each day. I also block out travel and networking time to ensure my diary doesn’t get booked up ahead of the event.

  3. Prepare Your ‘Elevator Pitch’: Leeds Digital Festival brings together a wealth of inspirational people and provides plenty of opportunities for you to interact and engage. Even if you’re only planning to attend or listen to an event, you’ll likely find yourself speaking a lot too! Preparing a quick summary in advance, outlining what you do or what you’re looking to get out of the festival, can help you feel more confident and be more productive when networking.

Travel Tips for Leeds Digital Festival 2024

I usually stick to eco-friendly travel where possible, walking or cycling from one place to the next. Thankfully, Leeds is quite a compact city and it’s pedestrian-friendly. So, you have a few options.

Public transport is on offer, including buses or trains, but I find walking between venues is often the easiest way to get around. Cycling is a great option for speed. And, if you do not have a bike, you can now rent one at many points around the city.

So there you have it, our guide to Leeds Digital Festival 2024. If you have any more questions, or you’d like to meet up to discuss Artificial Intelligence in more detail at the event, do get in touch. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates.

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